Tips for Going Paperless

Immage of moving paper to your computerGoing paperless can be a daunting task, but it is a rewarding one that can help to reduce clutter, save space, and be more environmentally friendly.

Here are ten tips for creating a paperless home:

  1. Use electronic document management software: Electronic document management software allows you to store, organize, and access electronic documents in a central location, reducing paper use and making it easier to find and access important documents.
  2. Optical character recognition (OCR) software allows you to scan paper documents and convert them into editable digital files. OCR can save time and reduce paper use by allowing you to digitize and store documents electronically.
  3. Tools for note-taking and organization: Digital tools such as note-taking apps and digital planners can help you to stay organized and reduce the need for paper.
  4. Use electronic signature software: Electronic signature software allows you to sign documents electronically, reducing the need for paper (and printing).
  5. Set up automatic billing: Many companies now offer automated billing, which can help to reduce the amount of paper you receive in the mail.
  6. Use online banking: Consider switching to online banking to receive electronic statements and reduce paper use.
  7. Use electronic tickets: Instead of printing tickets for events and travel, consider using electronic or mobile access.
  8. Use electronic books and magazines: E-readers and online platforms can help you to read books and magazines electronically, reducing paper use.
  9. Use cloud storage: Cloud storage allows storing and accessing documents and files electronically, reducing the need for physical storage space. One suggestion is to create folders for categories that work for you and save files on secured cloud storage sites (Apple users can save files on iCloud, and Android users can save files on Google Drive).
  10. Use a paper shredder: A paper shredder allows you to destroy paper documents securely, reducing the risk of identity theft and the amount of paper waste.

By following these technical tips, you can create a paperless home that is more organized, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Even if you can’t become completely paperless, you can easily be successful by having “less paper” within your home. ¬†We can provide additional thoughts and specific suggestions based on your needs. ¬†Please contact us for more information.

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