Divorce Finances

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When going through a divorce, people often panic about their finances. Unfortunately, some choose to ignore it or don't know where to start. Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process, and it is important to consider the financial implications of the decision. Here are some financial tips to consider if you are getting divorced: [...]

Where Criminals Hide Money and Assets

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If you're watching a crime drama, you've probably seen the bad guy hiding money. He may stash his illicit profits in a secret offshore bank account or under the mattress. But in real life, hiding money can be a lot more complicated. Where do people hide money and other assets? Here are some common ways [...]

Finding Hidden Assets from your Spouse – Where to Look?

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Hidden Assets - Becoming Creative Hiding assets from a spouse is never a good idea. Such actions will likely have costly results, such as sanctions by the court or added alimony. Depending on the issue(s) and the state where you live, the perpetrator could be arrested or reported to the IRS or other authorities. Despite [...]